"There's a storm coming ..."

There’s a storm coming …

About a mile north of the village of Salen on the Isle of Mull, Argyll, you will come across these abandoned shells of the fishing vessels they once were. They lie at the roadside in Aros Bay just south of the ruins of Aros Castle, which stands on an easily defensible headland on the north side of the mouth of the Aros River. The castle was built as one of a series intended to control both sides of the Sound of Mull in the 1200’s. The provenance of the boats is likely known locally. I have taken a wee bit of artistic licence with the ‘distressed ladies’ – they will never sail again, but they do look pretty. The boat on shore is the ‘Elsie May’; against the stone pier is the “Pavonia” (although I couldn’t quite make out the lettering when I photographed them in 2005); and ‘at sea’ at the rear of the fleet is the “Girl Claire”. Canvas, unframed; 75cm x 60cm; Acrylic & Indian Ink

Caithness Coast - Auckengill

Caithness Coast – Auckengill

Seascape off the coast of east Caithness. Challenging to capture. Not bad for a first attempt? Board, unframed; 60cm x 45cm; Pastel

"Grey Coast wi a wee bit colour"

Grey Coast wi a wee bit colour

The Caithness coastline is a dramatic and exciting place to be – cliffs, sea birds, smells and action everywhere – windy skies and active seas. I took a reference snapshot of Auckengill pier just north of Keiss, outside Wick in 2008. I captured it on canvas in April 2013. Canvas, unframed; 25cm x 30cm; Acrylic & Indian Ink

"There's another storm coming ..."

There’s another storm coming …

The ‘Elsie May’ and ‘Pavonia’ beached at Aros bay, Salen, Isle of Mull, Argyll. Board, unframed; 60cm x 40cm; Pastel & Indian Ink

Rock stack @ Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, Caithness

Rock stack @ Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, Caithness

Just one of a few impressive rock stacks on the Caithness coast at Castle Sinclair Girnigoe. Canvas, unframed ; 25cm x 30cm; Pastel & Indian Ink

Brora beach

Brora beach

A favourite space to stop on a trip up the east coast of Sutherland is Brora, with its great beach and rolling seascape. This image is taken at the entrance to the River Brora with its charming wee harbour. I find it an inspiring place to spend some time out from driving. Canvas, unframed; 25cm x 30cm; water-soluble wax pastels & indian ink