Hi, Stuart here. I am a learning artist – I have been learning for over 60 years! I am beginning to feel, though, that my art practice is bringing me some satisfaction after all this time. I have always brought a degree of creativity to the work that I do, whatever that is.

I have been a librarian, a manager, an administrator, a bureaucrat (a pencil-pusher or desk-jockey if you prefer!) – I have also been a student, a learner, a worker and a free spirit. I have worked in fast-food joints, dockyards, shopfitters, libraries and most recently as a research & training consultant.

I love to photograph, draw and paint images of what’s around me, what I see and where people live, work and spend their lives. Many things interest me, but in particular old buildings, boats, seascapes, cloudscapes, forests and trees, the shape and texture of stone and wood. This is my growing portfolio of images drawn from a wide range of interesting stuff (to me). Now past sixty, I don’t aim to make a living from my art, but it would be quite nice to cover the cost of materials. I really just want to enjoy painting and sharing it with other people.

I live in Balnain, Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire, Scotland with my wife Roberta and rescue collie Lotty. Since 2002, Roberta, or Bobby as she is better known, and I have run our own Consultancy Partnership sbworks.

We are now slowing down into quieter times as the economy takes its toll on us all. The grind of ‘tendering’ for work is now being replaced by the joy of creating what pleases us. And, what pleases me particularly is being able to spend much more time practicing in the arts of photography and painting.

I met Bobby at an arts course run by Glasgow Corporation way back in 1970. The two week course at Toward Castle outside Dunoon on the Clyde coast was a blast. We met, we fell in love and our 42 year relationship is as strong now as it was then. We married in 1975 in Glasgow in our early twenties and have worked hard ever since to keep body and soul together.

Now, we are in a time of change again, have both entered our sixties and looking foward positively to doing new things. My ‘new thing’ is rediscovering the pleasure of reflecting on the world around us, making and taking time to discover and explore further its beauty and meaning, and using my imagination and very rusty artistic eye to express this on canvas.

Oh, and ‘by the way’ (as they say in Glesga), I am enrolled as a student at the Open College of the Arts, have completed the course ‘The Practice of Painting’ – my learning log for this course can be found here:

and am now studying the ‘Drawing Skills’ course – my learning log for this course can be found at:

I hope you enjoy sharing some of this with me. I would be happy to hear from you.

Best regards, Stuart