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6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. john mcmurdy

    stewart its maries husband here(john) ur paintings are simpley stunning!!!no other words can discribe them!!!

    • scbstudio59

      Hi John, Many thanks for your kind words – it’s nice to know what folk think of them and much appreciated. Hope you all, Marie, Bailey and Logan are well and enjoying this spell of better weather. Best regards, Stuart

  2. georginacampbell

    hi stuart,its georgie,OMG, i didnt know/relalise you so talanted,,, well actually i have known for many years,,but you have hidden yourself”””all,,,,absolutely is amazing,cant think of suitable words to describe,i just so love whats going on in your head,well some of it?? your so imaginitive,creative, and its so you,, keep it up x, i would appreciate if poss, to purchase a few,loved colours,use of materials and ofcourse imagination,your “you”, keep it up,luv ya georgie,xxx

  3. scbstudio59

    Many thanks Georgie – I blush! OK, no I don’t – I really appreciate your comments and no you can’t purchase – just let me know what you like and I’ll arrange if possible. The course I’m doing is really helping (I think) but it is hard work and I am going to be sending work away to be formerly assessed in January. Anyway, let me know what you would like. Luv S xxx

  4. Juliette Rossi

    Howdie doodie from a Scot in sunny California, thought I had left a note long before today but obviously not. I know I have said many times how simply amazing Paul and I found your landscapes and boat paintings. Thank goodness you have decided to use that talent and imagination to show others what can be put from brush to canvas, The colours you used are so warm and the eyes just want to look at it and soak it all in. Well done, so proud of you, keep up the good work. Juliette & Paul

  5. scbstudio59

    Many thanks to you both. Looking forward to seeing you in September. You never know, maybe u can take away (or post) the big boaty pic of Mull!?



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